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Mindfulness Breathing Necklace

Mindfulness Breathing Necklace

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Introducing the Mindfulness Breathing Necklace - the perfect accessory for any mindfulness practice. Made with high-quality materials, this elegant necklace features a unique design that encourages deep, mindful breathing. Experience increased relaxation, reduced stress, and improved focus with just one accessory. Start your journey to inner peace today.


1. Instant Calming Effect. This anxiety necklace is perfect for Daily Use. Fit for Anxiety Sufferers, anyone with panic attacks or PTSD. Use whenever needed. Comes with a Spinner. Prevents nail biting. Designed as both a breathing necklace and a fidget spinner. Spinner has Braille Code which spells “Breathe”.
2. Silent when in use. Perfect as a calming necklace. Made of Medical-Grade Stainless Steel. Durable minimalist design.
3. Designed to control breathing and prolong exhale. This anxiety breathing tool replaces the old breathing bag. Assist with reducing symptoms of depression and treating anxiety.
4. Ease anxiety and panic attacks naturally, without any side effects. This necklace for anxiety is small in size and can be worn and kept nearby at all times.

Product information:
Type: Pendant
Color: steel, Rainbow, rose gold, black
Material: titanium steel
Modeling: drop shape, geometry, letters/numbers/text
Style: Original design

Packing List:
Necklace * 1

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