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Educational Toys for Kids

Educational Toys for Kids

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Explore and learn with our Educational Toys for Kids. Our expertly designed toys promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while enhancing creativity and imagination. Give your child the gift of education and watch them thrive!


Recommend Age: 0-3y.

Recommend Age: 3-6y

Recommend Age: 6-12y

100% harmless ABS plastic (non-toxic and tasteless), BPA-free.

Package includes.
1 cube, 6 shape balls

Product Features
Color model: square 11 * 11 * 11cm, cylinder 11 * 11 * 11cm. spheres can be put together according to the shape to help babies recognize shapes and exercise hand coordination
Macaron color: size is about 11 * 11 * 11cm, compact appearance, easy to carry out to play. No shape distinction at the sphere splicing.



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