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Baby blanket cotton 6 layers

Baby blanket cotton 6 layers

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Expertly crafted with 6 layers of soft, breathable cotton, this baby blanket provides ultimate comfort for your little one. Perfect for all seasons and gentle on sensitive skin, it's a must-have for any parent looking to keep their baby cozy and snug. 

🌈1.Material composition: 100% pure cotton

👶2.Style: baby blanket/bath towel/swaddle/hugging quilt

💖3.Function: absorb water, keep warm

💖4.Features: high density combed cotton, Moisture absorption and breathability, skin-friendly, comfortable, not easy to shed hair

💖5.Usage scenarios: 1. Bath towel wrap 2. Strollers blanket 3. Baby quilt 4. Pad towel 5. Baby swaddle 6. Blanket (can be used in cold weather, keep warm)

💖6.Process: combed cotton, wrapping process

💖7.Can be used in all seasons

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